Join Marc Aflalo and Mitchell Whitfield as they bring you the latest tech news and tech reviews, as well as interviews with some of the biggest names in technology...covering everything from the latest iPhone and Android devices, to the newest laptops, drones and video games.

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    XBOX's Major Nelson Joins YourTechReport

    Xbox’s Major Nelson, Larry Hryb, Joins Mitchell and Marc on this week’s show to talk gaming- everything from the new Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, to what he plays on his own Xbox console!!

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    Over 10,000 individual Parts Make up a BMW - but are they eco-friendly?

    Sustainability is more than just a buzz-word—it's a responsibility we all have to make sure that our planet is a clean and safe place for every generation…now, and in the future. In the automotive world, sustainability is not an afterthought, it's a topic of discussion that starts at the inception of every vehicle, and Daniela Bohlinger of BMW Group is behind every one of those conversations. In this segment, we chat with Daniela about her work with BMW and the importance of sustainability across the entire company and beyond. Take a listen.

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    Viewsonic redefines the modern office

    From the freedom to work from anywhere and shifts in communications preferences to changing social trends, how and where we work continues to evolve as collaborative meeting spaces are reshaping the office. Take a listen as we chat with Viewsonic’s Stan Klebanoff, and learn how the company applies its expertise in monitors and displays to the modern digital workplace.

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    Why we returned our new Apple Airpods

    As excited as we were to get our hands on Apple’s New AirPods, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to keep them. Why? Take a listen as we share our personal AirPods journey...

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    LG's Latest the G8 ThinQ

    We love catching up with companies that have become friends, and, LG is just one of those. This year, their latest and greatest is the G8 ThinQ. Take a listen to our conversation with LG's Ash Molaei - Senior Brand Manager for LG Mobile Communications.

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    Effaclar SPOTSCAN - The new era of smart skincare technology

    10 years ago, If you told Laroche Posay's International Marketing Director Othman Bennis that he would one day be creating an app that could analyze Acne with a smartphone selfie camera, he would have thought you were crazy. Take a listen we talk about Spotcan - the new technology that may revolutionize the skincare industry.

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    Huawei's Paul Dayco Tells Us Almost Everything About the new Huawei P30 Pro

    When Huawai invited me to their P30 press event, I didn't know that it was the start of something big for me: my departure from iOS. Take a listen to our chat with Chief Technical Advisor and Training Manager Paul Dayco as we talk about the company's latest smartphone flagship.

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    Mercedes-Benz's new Electric Lineup is Going to Impress

    In this episode, we speak with Mercedes-Benz's Matt Grootjen all about the new electric vehicle lineup. We talk about the first fully-electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz, the EQC SUV and much more.

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    Ping GPS' Joshua Lippiner talks about the Crowdfunding Experience and making an "ok" product great

    It wasn't that long ago that we helped fund, by purchasing, and interviewer Ping GPS co-founder Joshua Lippiner. Following the launch, some backers and users had harsh words for the company and even we had to field listeners with issues getting things to work. However, since that original purchase, the product has gone through several changes, received several firmware updates and released a newly-designed mobile app transforming the GPS locator into a full-fledged GPS tracker. We decided to give Josh a ring and see what he had to say about consumer feedback and talk about his experience and where the company is today.

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    Amber Unveils Solid-State Smart-Home Solutions, CMO Rob Halligan Explains

    Amber Solutions is a disruptive technology startup company with breakthroughs in solid-state solutions for enhanced internet of things (IoT) integration into building automation, industrial control, lighting, home safety, and security. But what does that all mean? CMO Rob Halligan joins us on this episode to explain.

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    Jabra Continues to Push the Bluetooth Boundaries

    Jabra is a brand that has been designing world-class Bluetooth headphones forever. So, it comes as no surprise that they continue to innovate with their new $299 Elite 85h and $99 Move Style. Take a listen as we talk all about the company and its latest products with Adam Robertson.

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    Alienware's M15 Review and Mitchell Talks All About XBOX Game Pass

    Alienware continues to deliver outstanding gaming laptops to the masses and the m15 is no different - although its form factor is slimmer than ever. Take a listen as we go hands-on with the Alienware m15 gaming laptop and Mitchell talks about the benefits of XBOX's Game Pass.

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    Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e and Galaxy Fold

    Samsung held its annual Unpacked event this past week announcing the brand new S10 lineup of smartphones. To everyone's surprise, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was revealed as ready to ship this coming April. Take a listen as we unpack the unpacked event.

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    CyberLink AI Technology Changes the Way We See, and use Video

    Facial recognition can be used in so many ways. From identifying your gender, mood, and taste to automating your video editing workflow. CyberLink has been at it for a long time and in this conversation with Senior VP Richard Carriere, we talk about where they came from and where it's all going.

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    Altigo Headphones and Accessories Sold Exclusively on Amazon

    From smartphone cases to over-ear noise canceling headphones Altigo products are sold exclusively through Amazon which makes their pricing really really attractive. In this interview, we speak with Senior Product Manager Ann Barnes about what makes this new company different and where their heart is.

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    Super73 Exclusive with Co-Founder Michael Cannavo

    If you've pre-ordered the new Super73 Z you're going to want to listen to this interview! Co-founder Michael Cannavo joined Mitchell and Marc to talk all about the company's new HQ and an exclusive piece of news about the Super73 Z. Take a listen.

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    Linksys' Velop Gets a New Body at CES 2019

    Linksys' Matt Whelan joins us to talk about the next generation VELOP Mesh Wifi router. Take a listen as we talk to Matt about everything at this years CES.

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    Finally a Digital Mobile Wallet for all those Loyalty Cards, and more

    If you're like us then your wallet is packed with loyalty cards that you wish would stop taking up space. Meet Stocard, an app to store all your loyalty cards complete with custom-tailored offers and access when you need them. We speak with Managing Director Jesse Michael about the app and everything it does!

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    Maingear Takes Gaming PCs to New Heights

    Custom gaming PC's take shape in very unique ways thanks to Maingear! Join us as we chat with founder Wallace Santos about the company and everything they do.

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    Talking Microsoft Surface Hardware with Microsoft's Dan Laycock

    On October 2nd Microsoft unveiled some pretty awesome hardware including the matte black Surface Pro 6, the all-new Surface Studio 2, Surface Laptop 2, Headphones and much more. Take a listen as we break it all down with Microsoft's own Dan Laycock in this great conversation with Mitchell Whitfield and Marc Aflalo.

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    Jammy is a Portable Guitar that you can Bring As Carry On

    Dmitry Shemet is the creator of a unique product called Jammy. Jammy is a portable guitar that never has to be tuned and meets all carry-on, or pack in luggage, requirements when traveling anywhere. Snap the two sides together and you've got a great sounding guitar for jamming - well - just about anywhere. Take a listen as we talk all about it with Dmitry.

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    Google launches Pixel 3 and Much More at Media Event in NYC

    Google launched more than just a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL this week in New York. They introduced us to the Google Home Hub, Google Slate and much more. Take a listen as Android Central's Executive Editor Andrew Martonik breaks it down for Mitchell and Marc.

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    Lime Scooters Head North of the Border for the First Time

    Lime has officially launched their scooter-sharing service in Canada but, their roots go much deeper and their service has been available in the US for quite some time. Take a listen as we talk about the company and the new Canadian launch.

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    Everything Announced at Microsoft's Surface Event

    Microsoft unveiled a whole lineup of new Surface hardware including Surface Headphones. Take a listen as we recap the media event and talk about everything that was announced.

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    Setting Expectations for Apple's Sept 12 Media Event

    New iPhones are definitely being announced but what about the new Apple Watch or iPad. In this episode Mitchell and Marc dive into all the rumors and break down what we know and what to expect from Apple's iPhone Media Event.

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    LG Appliances are Getting Smarter and more Connected

    In this episode, we speak with LG's Dave Oyagi, Brand Marketing Manager for Home Appliances about the connected home. How does a smart washer and dryer fit into our connected home plans? Find out.

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    IKEA's new Bluetooth Speaker

    Odds are that you or someone you know has bought something for your home or apartment from Ikea; what you may not know is that Ikea has also been on the cutting edge of incorporating technology into its products and designs. Take a listen as we chat with Maja Boricevic about Ikea’s newest Bluetooth speaker, as well as wireless charging and their latest smart home tech.

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    Blackmagic Design's New eGPU

    If you own a MacBook Pro with a Thunderbolt 3 port, your graphics are about to get a whole lot better thanks to the new eGPU from Blackmagic design. Take a listen as we chat with Blackmagic Design’s Bob Canignlia about what this means for mobile computing, as well as what other products the company has in store for content creators.

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    Talking Gaming with Logitech G

    Logitech has always been known for its excellent PC and mobile accessories; but for gamers looking for the latest advancements in keyboards and gaming mice, their gaming division, Logitech G, never disappoints. Take a listen as we talk with Logitech G’s Andrew Coonrad about the company’s latest showing at E3, and what it means to PC gaming.

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    SlingStudio Ears On with Sling Media

    SlingStudio is a revolutionary new product from the makers of SlingBox that allows you to turn everyday DSLR's and cell phones into live streaming marvels. Take a listen as we discuss the #tech and the insanely affordable way to get started.

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    LG G7 ThinQ and the LG Ryan Sweepstakes

    There is a lot going on at LG. In this interview we speak with Peggy Ang all about the Ryan Sweepstakes ( and of course the LG G7 ThinQ.

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    Tackling your Storage Needs with Drobo CEO Mihir Shah

    Drobo is a company we've become quite fond of thanks to their myriad of storage solutions. In this chat, we speak with Drobo CEO Mihir Shah about the solutions they offer and who they’re designed for.

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    Funko's Latest Pops for Infinity War and beyond

    With Avengers: Infinity War behind us we talk about working with major brands such as Marvel and how to keep the Pop Vinyl fans coming back for more. Take a listen to our conversation with Funko's Mark Robben.

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    Molekule Kills Allergens Making Purer Air

    Cleaning your air is more than just filtering out the allergens. Molekule is a new air purifier that kills the allergens as it circulates your air. We speak with them directly about how and why this tech is worth the price tag.

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    Hands on with Seagate's XBOX Game Drive & Roku's Streaming Stick+

    When it comes time to needing more space on your XBOX you could always get a new system, or, get one of Seagate's XBOX Game Drive solutions. Take a listen to our hands on review. Plus, Roku's latest Streaming Stick with HDR and 4K tech!

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    Marc talks #tech with AMI-Audio

    Every week Marc Aflalo joins AMI Audio to talk about the latest in #tech. This week Canadians can now use PayPal to pay their tax balance, Apple's 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' feature is saving lives and LG's Appliances now playing nice with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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    LaCie 6Big and Apple's HomePod

    We went hands on with LaCie's 6Big and talk all about it. Plus Apple's HomePod and our impressons.

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    Mobile World Congress Wrap Up

    We wrap up Mobile Word Congress from Barcelona with Derek Kessler, managing editor of Mobile Nations.

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    MOEN U is making the Shower Smarter

    Did you ever think that you could connect your shower to your mobile device? Why would you want to do that you ask? Take a listen as we ask those questions, and more, directly to MOEN.

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    The new Ford Transit and Edge ST

    We bring you auto show news as if you were right there. This time from our friends over at Ford Motor Company who have a brand new Transit to announce and the new Ford Edge ST.

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    Turo is giving People a New Lease on Leases?

    Take a listen as we sit down with Turo's Andrew Mok and walk you through the car-sharing service that can generate revenue and increase your buying power when you shop for your next vehicle.

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    TCL Television Talk with Bruce Walker

    One of the companies we’ve been really excited about over the past year is TCL; and while they may be “the fastest growing television manufacturer in America”, it’s WHY they’re growing so fast that has us excited…putting out beautiful 4K televisions.

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    Raven Keeps Eyes on your Car When You Can't

    Taking the worry out of driving is something that we can all relate to. An Ottawa-based company is working on tackling that exact problem with the intention called Raven. Raven tracks your vehicles every move, even when you’re not on board.

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    Dell's Ray Watkins Reviews CES Announcements

    While CES has opened up to include all areas of tech, let’s not forget how many PC manufacturers use the show to reveal their newest technology. Take a listen as we chat with Dell’s Ray Watkins about everything you have to look forward to.

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    Linksys & Belkin at CES 2018

    It wasn’t that long ago that routers and wireless networks were the kind of technologies that didn’t get much attention, quietly living in the background while “sexier” products got all of the attention.

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    Intel's Julie Choi talks AI

    When you hear the term “artificial intelligence”, the first thing you probably think of is a computer beating someone at chess–or, worst case, the resistance sending someone back in time to make sure that John Connor isn’t killed by the Terminator.

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    Essential's Niccolo Masi

    With Apple and Samsung moving smartphone prices to $1000 and beyond, the cellphone industry needed a “disruptor”…and the Essential Phone may be just the disruptor the industry needed. In this segment, Essential President Niccolo De Masi joined Marc and Mitchell.

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    DJI's Mavic Air Unfolds on Air

    DJI's Michael Oldenberg joined us to talk about the Mavic Air and all of DJI's CES announcements.

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    YTR: September 30, 2017

    On this edition we speak with Abbott about their new FreeStyle® Libre flash glucose monitoring system plus Chamberlain's MyQ HomeBridge gets Apple HomeKit support.

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    Abbott's FreeStyle Libre frees Diabetes Sufferers from Those Nasty Pricks

    We love when technology solves problems…especially when solving those problems can be life-saving. Take a listen as we chat with Chris Thomas, Director of Biosensing Technology at Abbott, and learn how FreeStyle Libre is changing the lives of Diabetes patients and their families.

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    Chamberlain Group CEO JoAnna Sohovich talks to YourTechReport

    To most, the garage door is the primary point of entry into your home but, until now, adding it to your smart home has been a difficult task. Enter Chamberlain MyQ, a new add-on that bridges your existing compatible garage door(s) with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, IFTTT and much more. Take a listen to our conversation with Chamberlain Group CEO, JoAnna Sohovich (@jsohovic) as we dive into the company's storied history and talk about the direction the industry is going.

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    YTR Circle With Disney August 26 - 2017

    Circle with DIsney is a great new device to give parents of young children control over what their children can do online. Take a listen to our interview with their Co-Founder.

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    YTR: September 2nd, 2017

    Previewing Apple's upcoming media event plus Circle with Disney - the device that gives you control over what your children can and cannot browse on the internet.

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    YTR: September 16, 2017

    Its all about Google this week as we preview their upcoming Pixel 2 Media Event.

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    YourTechReport September 23 - 2017

    On this week’s show, Mitchell and Marc talk to Google’s Maria Cortellucci about their latest hardware releases; the also talk with Matt Whelan from Linksys about their newest gaming routers, as well as answer your questions with a brand new “Ask YourTechReport".

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    Marc Aflalo on AMI's Live from Studio 5

    Every week YourTechReport's Marc Aflalo joins AMI-Audio's Live from Studio 5 to preview the week in #tech. This week we preview Apple's historic media event at Steve Jobs Theatre during which the company will be announcing the iPhone 8, iPhone X, 4K Apple TV, Apple Watch Series 3 and a lot more. Take a listen.

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    YourTechReport August 5 - 2017

    This week we cover the news of the week including Tesla's Model 3, Apple Leaks their iPhone 8 design plus interviews with Vanhawks and Bionik.

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    Smart Nora is Taking a New Approach to Ending Snoring

    Let's face it: snoring can be a huge problem; not just for the person who's snoring, but for the poor souls who are subjected to it every night as well... ...but don't lose hope--the folks at Smart Nora have come up with non-medical, non-invasive solution: so take a listen as we chat with CEO and co-founder of Nora, Behrouz Hariri, and learn why Smart Nora may be the solution to eliminating those long, sleepless nights.

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    We Talk Super 73 with Lithium Cycles' Michael Cannavo

    E-bikes are all the rage right now--but believe us, you've never seen anything like the Super 73. Take a listen as we chat with Lithium Cycle's Co-Founder Michael Connavo, and learn why the Super 73 has forever changed the electric bike landscape.

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    YourTechReport June 15 - 2017

    This week we speak with Microsoft about their Inspire conference and Microsoft 365, Funko's Mark Robben and Logitech's acquisition of Astro Gaming.

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    YourTechReport June 10 - 2017

    On this week's edition of YTR we cover WWDC, Father's Day and a Google in-classroom VR experience.

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    YourTechReport: June 3, 2017

    This week we preview WWDC with a developer POV plus a new giveaway and an incredible brand in cars : Mini.

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    May 20th Edition of YourTechReport

    On this latest show we speak with Sony about their entire product lineup and dive into the latest news of the week.

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    YTR EventForte

    YTR EventForte by YourTechReport

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    YourTechReport Feb 18 - 2017

    YourTechReport as heard on SiriusXM February 18th, 2017. This we we speak with HeathCo, BMW, NVIDIA and more.

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    Gift Guide: Gizmo's, Gadgets and More, Oh My...with The Source

    Though most people in the States have only fond memories of Radio Shack, the lucky people of Canada can still enjoy a huge selection of tech gear thanks to The Source. Take a listen as we chat with Meagan Carney, and learn why The Source is your one-stop-shop for everything from headphones and televisions, to laptops and gaming consoles.

  178. Thumb 1536681293 artwork

    Talking Gaming Peripherals with Logitech

    We've been using Logitech's gaming peripherals for years...and their lineup just seems to get better. Take a listen as we chat with Logitech's Chris Pate, and learn about the latest gear they have for casual and competitive gamers alike.

  179. Thumb 1536681293 artwork

    DirecTV Now offers a New Service for Cord Cutters

    More and more people are "cutting the cord" when it comes to traditional satellite and cable service, as well as long-term contracts. Take a listen as we chat with Meredith Red about DirecTV Now...AT&T's streaming solution that brings the satellite giant into the digital future.

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    Getting techy with Chevy's Latest Trucks

    Think you know Chevy? Guess again... Take a listen as we talk with Chevrolet Truck Marketing Manager Jessica Rogers, and learn how Chevrolet has become an industry leader in both design and in-vehicle technology.

  181. Thumb 1536681290 artwork

    YourTechReport December 10 - 2016

    This week we catch up with our friends at The Source to talk about great Gadget Gift Ideas for the holidays. Plus, Microsoft updates us on their hardware lineup and we talk all about the tech in Chevy's latest trucks.

  182. Thumb 1536681288 artwork

    We Talk Back-to-School with Best Buy

    If you're looking to get that student in your life all of the essential gadgets for the new school year, there's no better place than Best Buy; and if you'd like to hear all of the latest gear that Best Buy has to offer, there's no better guest than their Communications Manager, Christine Tam.

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    BOSEBuild Lets Kids Build their Own Bluetooth Speaker!

    We love it when great tech companies take their innovation into the classroom, and that's exactly what our friends at Bose have done; and while there may be other do-it-yourself kits out there to help your kids learn, this is the only one that lets them end up with a high-end Bose Bluetooth speaker when they're done! Take a listen as we talk to BOSEBuild's Joe Titlow about this great new project, and why being in the classroom is so important to the company.

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    Logitech Harmony: The Only Remote You'll Ever Need

    Universal remotes have been around for years...and no one makes a better one than Logitech and its harmony brand. Take a listen as we talk with Logitech's Todd Walker, and learn why Harmony remotes are not only the best we've ever tested, but also a must-purchase for anyone with a home entertainment system.

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    Gears of War and the best bang-for-the buck drone

    On this week's show, we reveal our new favorite "bang-for-the-buck" drone, the X-Star Premium--and talk to Autel's Natalie Cheng about what makes it so special; we also review Gears of War 4 with Gaming Editor David Weir, and share all of the week's tech news.

  187. Thumb 1536681213 artwork

    A Drone to be Reckoned With: Autel's X-Star Premium

    A lot of folks are talking about the latest drones from GoPro and DJI...but there's another company out there generating a lot of buzz in the drone world--and that's Autel. Take a listen as we talk to Autel's Natalie Cheng about the X-Star Premium, and why we think it's the best 4K drone value around.

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    YourTechReport - September 12, 2015

    In this episode of YourTechReport we recap all the latest "Hey Siri" Apple news from the new iPad Pro to the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and of course the new Apple TV. We also speak with Controller Chaos and FunKo.

  198. Thumb 1536681279 artwork

    YourTechReport - Interview - Controller Chaos

    Take a listen to our exclusive interview with Evan Dailey from Controller Chaos. They do phenomenal things from custom controllers to custom mods, you want to listen to this one.

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  204. Thumb 1536681276 artwork
  205. Thumb 1536681277 artwork
  206. Thumb 1536681276 artwork
  207. Thumb 1536681276 artwork
  208. Thumb 1536681274 artwork
  209. Thumb 1536681272 artwork
  210. Thumb 1536681273 artwork

    Live5 AMI Feb 1

    Take a listen to YourTechReport's Marc Aflalo in his debut on AMI's Live from Studio 5 with Mike Ross.

  211. Thumb 1536681273 artwork

    Live5 AMI Feb 8

    Take a listen to YourTechReport's Marc Aflalo in his debut on AMI's Live from Studio 5 with Mike Ross.

  212. Thumb 1536681270 artwork

    Live5 AMI Feb 16

    Take a listen to YourTechReport's Marc Aflalo in his debut on AMI's Live from Studio 5 with Mike Ross.

  213. Thumb 1536681196 artwork
  214. Thumb 1536681196 artwork
  215. Thumb 1536681269 artwork
  216. Thumb 1536681269 artwork

    YourTechReport (August 15, 2015)

    This is an awesome edition of YourTechReport featuring all the latest Samsung announcements - Elliot Chun of Best Buy and our friend Ray Watkins from Alienware talking all things Windows 10.

  217. Thumb 1536681271 artwork

    YourTechReport - August 8 2015

    If you missed the latest episode of YourTechReport, fear not; here’s your second chance to hear all of the latest XBOX Announcements from Gamescom, an exclusive interview with Sandeep Panesar (@Intosandeep) CEO of TeliPhone regarding their big announcement this past week, and an interview with Milwaukee Tool’s Christian Coulis to talk about ONE-KEY™, the first digital platform for tools and equipment. Take a listen!

  218. Thumb 1536681267 artwork
  219. Thumb 1536681267 artwork

    YourTechReport August 22 2015

    You're going to love this edition of YourTechReport as we gear up for the launch of Disney Infinity 3.0

  220. Thumb 1536681268 artwork
  221. Thumb 1536681265 artwork

    YourTechReport Interview - Milwaukee Tool - August 8 2015

    We were already big fans of Milwaukee Tool–but the announce of ONE-KEY, the first digital platform for tools and equipment, pushed us over the edge. Take a listen as we talk with Milwaukee Tool’s Christian Coulis about their new technology, and how the power tool landscape will be forever changed…

  222. Thumb 1536681265 artwork

    YourTechReport - August 8 2015

    If you missed the latest episode of YourTechReport, fear not; here’s your second chance to hear all of the latest XBOX Announcements from Gamescom, an exclusive interview with Sandeep Panesar (@Intosandeep) CEO of TeliPhone regarding their big announcement this past week, and an interview with Milwaukee Tool’s Christian Coulis to talk about ONE-KEY™, the first digital platform for tools and equipment. Take a listen!

  223. Thumb 1536681264 artwork

    YourTechReport Interview - Sideshow Collectibles - August 1 2015

    At this year’s Comic-Con, one of the booths that really blew me away was SideShow Collectibles–creators and distributors of some of the most incredible movie and pop-culture collectibles you’ve ever seen. Whether you’re looking for a 1/6th scale figure of your favorite movie character or a life-size statue, SideShow’s products are works of art; so take a listen as we interview Mike Tolentino and Jason Eastman, and talk about what makes this company so special. If you’re interested in checking out the two SideShow products that we talked about on the show (and we really recommend that you do!), click the links below. DISCLAIMER: YourTechReport and its employees cannot be held responsible for the obsessive spending that may occur after visiting!

  224. Thumb 1536681263 artwork

    YourTechReport - August 1, 2015

    Sure we’re excited about the release of Windows 10 (SPOILER ALERT: It’s fantastic!!); but on this week’s show, we also talk about Lexus’ upcoming Hoverboard (it’s real) and feature a cool interview with the folks from SideShow Collectibles.

  225. Thumb 1536681188 artwork
  226. Thumb 1536681188 artwork

    YourTechReport April 25 2015

    This week on YourTechReport, we feature an exclusive interview with Canada’s own Matt Gajkowski to talk about his unibody 3D printer called the Tiko3D, plus Mitchell goes hands-on with the Optishot 2 Golf Simulator and a new Western Digital hard drive designed specifically for the Xbox One.

  227. Thumb 1536681262 artwork

    YourTechReport May 2 2015

    You wanted more interviews...and you're getting more interviews! On this week's show we talk Xbox One game streaming with Kevin Unangst, learn about the Yuneec Q500+ Drone from Yuneec USA COO Shan Phillips, and talk about a very special video game that helps treat Amblyopia...all this and more, on YourTechReport.

  228. Thumb 1536681259 artwork

    YourTechReport May 9 2015

    On this week's episode of YourTechReport, we not only cover a ton of news (including Nintendo's mobile gaming announcement, and Volkswagen's Connected car app for Apple Watch), but we also go hands-on with 4K monitors from ViewSonic and the WRT1900AC wireless router from Linksys. All this and more, only on YourTechReport!

  229. Thumb 1536681260 artwork

    YourTechReport - May 30 2015

    We're always up for something new; so along with the latest tech news and a really cool interview with the folks at Unikey, we did something that we've never done before: A live Loot Crate unboxing! Take a listen as we present YourTechReport for may 30th, 2015...

  230. Thumb 1536681259 artwork

    YourTechReport May 23 - 2015

    What went on in the world of tech during the week of 5/23/15? Take a listen to our most recent episode of YourTechReport to find out!

  231. Thumb 1536681259 artwork

    YourTechReport June 6 2015

    If you missed last week's Loot Crate unboxing, you're not going to want to miss our interview with Loot Crate's co-founders, Chris Davis and Matthew Arevalo. We also preview Apple's WWDC and the latest tech take a listen!

  232. Thumb 1536681260 artwork

    YourTechReport Interview - Unikey - May 30 2015

    This past week we had the pleasure of speaking with Phil Dumas, the president of UniKey Technologies–who together with Kwikset and Weiser make the Kēvo smart lock possible. Take a listen to this interesting interview where we breakdown the smart lock and see where the technology is headed…

  233. Thumb 1536681259 artwork

    YourTechReport Interview - Lootcrate June 6 2015

    If you missed last week's Loot Crate unboxing, you're not going to want to miss our interview with Loot Crate's co-founders, Chris Davis and Matthew Arevalo. We also preview Apple's WWDC and the latest tech take a listen!

  234. Thumb 1536681259 artwork

    YourTechReport March 14 2015

    This week we cover everything that happened at Apple's March 9th "Spring Forward" media event which shed all the details on the Apple Watch April 10th pre-order date and April 24th street date. We also spoke all about a brand new program from Energizer called Join Our Journey by bringing children's drawings to life.

  235. Thumb 1536681252 artwork
  236. Thumb 1536681254 artwork
  237. Thumb 1536681252 artwork

    YourTechReport April 11 2015

    This week our topic just so happens to be the opening of orders for Apple's Watch - plus plenty more including projectors from Viewsonic.

  238. Thumb 1536681253 artwork

    YourTechReport March 7, 2015

    In case you missed this weekends edition of YourTechReport listen to use preview today’s Apple Media Event as well as cover off all the news from Mobile World Congress and GDC with Gaming Editor David Weir.

  239. Thumb 1536681252 artwork

    YourTechReport Feb 28, 2015

    In case you missed our final edition for February, enjoy as Mitchell Whitfield and Marc Aflalo talk all about Apple’s upcoming media event, the latest news of the week and flash back to CES with our exclusive interviews with Ray Watkins from Alienware/Dell and Anthony Bay from Rdio. Plus our hands on review of the Alienware Area 51.

  240. Thumb 1536681254 artwork
  241. Thumb 1536681252 artwork

    YourTechReport Feb 7 2015

    This week on YourTechReport we talk all about Apple's rumored end-of-February event. We speak with Dan Kelly from D-Link Systems and a great interview with Upinder Saini from Rogers Wireless.

  242. Thumb 1536681252 artwork

    YourTechReport (Jan 24 - 2015)

    Its our January 24th edition of YourTechReport featuring a great interview with Matt from Belkin/Linksys. Check it out.

  243. Thumb 1536681179 artwork
  244. Thumb 1536681179 artwork

    YourTechReport CES 2015 Edition Jan 10-2015

    Its our first and biggest show of the year featuring exclusive interviews with AT&T, Panasonic, Intel, Zepp, Dell/Alienware, FLIR, Intel, Samson and Rdio. Don't miss this one!

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