Join Marc Aflalo and Mitchell Whitfield as they bring you the latest tech news and tech reviews, as well as interviews with some of the biggest names in technology...covering everything from the latest iPhone and Android devices, to the newest laptops, drones and video games.

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    Setting Expectations for Apple's Sept 12 Media Event

    New iPhones are definitely being announced but what about the new Apple Watch or iPad. In this episode Mitchell and Marc dive into all the rumors and break down what we know and what to expect from Apple's iPhone Media Event.

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    LG Appliances are Getting Smarter and more Connected

    In this episode, we speak with LG's Dave Oyagi, Brand Marketing Manager for Home Appliances about the connected home. How does a smart washer and dryer fit into our connected home plans? Find out.

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    IKEA's new Bluetooth Speaker

    Odds are that you or someone you know has bought something for your home or apartment from Ikea; what you may not know is that Ikea has also been on the cutting edge of incorporating technology into its products and designs. Take a listen as we chat with Maja Boricevic about Ikea’s newest Bluetooth speaker, as well as wireless charging and their latest smart home tech.

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    Blackmagic Design's New eGPU

    If you own a MacBook Pro with a Thunderbolt 3 port, your graphics are about to get a whole lot better thanks to the new eGPU from Blackmagic design. Take a listen as we chat with Blackmagic Design’s Bob Canignlia about what this means for mobile computing, as well as what other products the company has in store for content creators.

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    Talking Gaming with Logitech G

    Logitech has always been known for its excellent PC and mobile accessories; but for gamers looking for the latest advancements in keyboards and gaming mice, their gaming division, Logitech G, never disappoints. Take a listen as we talk with Logitech G’s Andrew Coonrad about the company’s latest showing at E3, and what it means to PC gaming.

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    SlingStudio Ears On with Sling Media

    SlingStudio is a revolutionary new product from the makers of SlingBox that allows you to turn everyday DSLR's and cell phones into live streaming marvels. Take a listen as we discuss the #tech and the insanely affordable way to get started.

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