Join Marc Aflalo and Mitchell Whitfield as they bring you the latest tech news and tech reviews, as well as interviews with some of the biggest names in technology...covering everything from the latest iPhone and Android devices, to the newest laptops, drones and video games.

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    This could be the most important smart home device you own

    Airthings makes award-winning indoor air quality monitors for homeowners, businesses and professionals. In this conversation, Marc speaks with Airthings CEO Oyvind Birkenes about the company, the products and the importance of keeping tabs on your air quality.

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    Mitchell and Marc talk Smartphones

    Tis the Smartphone season...and every manufacturer is getting ready to release its latest flagship devices; but does that mean you’re going to want to buy one? Take a listen as Marc and Mitchell talk about the newest phones...and whether or not they’re worth your attention.

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    Home Internet and Smart Home Tips

    Having a great home internet setup is vital to having a great digital experience...which includes being able to interact with all of your connected devices and services. Take a listen as Marc and Mitchell discuss the best way to get the most out of your digital lifestyle...

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    AMD Innovates with Gaming Garage at CNE in Toronto

    AMD is no longer just the “other” company that makes computer processors; with some of the most powerful CPUs and GPUs on the planet, they’ve become the go-to brand for PC and gaming enthusiasts around the world. Take a listen as Marc and Mitchell talk to AMD’s Andrej Zdravkovic about what the company is doing with their Gaming Garage event, and how they continue to gain new PC gaming fans around the world.

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    Get BLDing with NZXT and their Custom and Pre-Built Computers for Gaming

    If you’ve ever built your own PC, odds are that you’ve heard of NZXT, a company known for its excellent computer components; but did you know that they also build custom PCs? Take a listen as we chat with NZXT’s Jared Kim and learn all about what the company is doing for gamers who are looking for custom and pre-built computers.

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    XBOX's Major Nelson Joins YourTechReport

    Xbox’s Major Nelson, Larry Hryb, Joins Mitchell and Marc on this week’s show to talk gaming- everything from the new Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, to what he plays on his own Xbox console!!

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    Over 10,000 individual Parts Make up a BMW - but are they eco-friendly?

    Sustainability is more than just a buzz-word—it's a responsibility we all have to make sure that our planet is a clean and safe place for every generation…now, and in the future. In the automotive world, sustainability is not an afterthought, it's a topic of discussion that starts at the inception of every vehicle, and Daniela Bohlinger of BMW Group is behind every one of those conversations. In this segment, we chat with Daniela about her work with BMW and the importance of sustainability across the entire company and beyond. Take a listen.

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    Viewsonic redefines the modern office

    From the freedom to work from anywhere and shifts in communications preferences to changing social trends, how and where we work continues to evolve as collaborative meeting spaces are reshaping the office. Take a listen as we chat with Viewsonic’s Stan Klebanoff, and learn how the company applies its expertise in monitors and displays to the modern digital workplace.

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