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    Over 10,000 individual Parts Make up a BMW - but are they eco-friendly?

    Sustainability is more than just a buzz-word—it's a responsibility we all have to make sure that our planet is a clean and safe place for every generation…now, and in the future. In the automotive world, sustainability is not an afterthought, it's a topic of discussion that starts at the inception of every vehicle, and Daniela Bohlinger of BMW Group is behind every one of those conversations. In this segment, we chat with Daniela about her work with BMW and the importance of sustainability across the entire company and beyond. Take a listen.

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    Viewsonic redefines the modern office

    From the freedom to work from anywhere and shifts in communications preferences to changing social trends, how and where we work continues to evolve as collaborative meeting spaces are reshaping the office. Take a listen as we chat with Viewsonic’s Stan Klebanoff, and learn how the company applies its expertise in monitors and displays to the modern digital workplace.

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    Why we returned our new Apple Airpods

    As excited as we were to get our hands on Apple’s New AirPods, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to keep them. Why? Take a listen as we share our personal AirPods journey...

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    LG's Latest the G8 ThinQ

    We love catching up with companies that have become friends, and, LG is just one of those. This year, their latest and greatest is the G8 ThinQ. Take a listen to our conversation with LG's Ash Molaei - Senior Brand Manager for LG Mobile Communications.

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    Effaclar SPOTSCAN - The new era of smart skincare technology

    10 years ago, If you told Laroche Posay's International Marketing Director Othman Bennis that he would one day be creating an app that could analyze Acne with a smartphone selfie camera, he would have thought you were crazy. Take a listen we talk about Spotcan - the new technology that may revolutionize the skincare industry.

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    Huawei's Paul Dayco Tells Us Almost Everything About the new Huawei P30 Pro

    When Huawai invited me to their P30 press event, I didn't know that it was the start of something big for me: my departure from iOS. Take a listen to our chat with Chief Technical Advisor and Training Manager Paul Dayco as we talk about the company's latest smartphone flagship.

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    Mercedes-Benz's new Electric Lineup is Going to Impress

    In this episode, we speak with Mercedes-Benz's Matt Grootjen all about the new electric vehicle lineup. We talk about the first fully-electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz, the EQC SUV and much more.

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