Join Marc Aflalo and Mitchell Whitfield as they bring you the latest tech news and tech reviews, as well as interviews with some of the biggest names in technology...covering everything from the latest iPhone and Android devices, to the newest laptops, drones and video games.

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    Amber Unveils Solid-State Smart-Home Solutions, CMO Rob Halligan Explains

    Amber Solutions is a disruptive technology startup company with breakthroughs in solid-state solutions for enhanced internet of things (IoT) integration into building automation, industrial control, lighting, home safety, and security. But what does that all mean? CMO Rob Halligan joins us on this episode to explain.

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    Jabra Continues to Push the Bluetooth Boundaries

    Jabra is a brand that has been designing world-class Bluetooth headphones forever. So, it comes as no surprise that they continue to innovate with their new $299 Elite 85h and $99 Move Style. Take a listen as we talk all about the company and its latest products with Adam Robertson.

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    Alienware's M15 Review and Mitchell Talks All About XBOX Game Pass

    Alienware continues to deliver outstanding gaming laptops to the masses and the m15 is no different - although its form factor is slimmer than ever. Take a listen as we go hands-on with the Alienware m15 gaming laptop and Mitchell talks about the benefits of XBOX's Game Pass.

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    Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e and Galaxy Fold

    Samsung held its annual Unpacked event this past week announcing the brand new S10 lineup of smartphones. To everyone's surprise, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was revealed as ready to ship this coming April. Take a listen as we unpack the unpacked event.

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    CyberLink AI Technology Changes the Way We See, and use Video

    Facial recognition can be used in so many ways. From identifying your gender, mood, and taste to automating your video editing workflow. CyberLink has been at it for a long time and in this conversation with Senior VP Richard Carriere, we talk about where they came from and where it's all going.

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    Altigo Headphones and Accessories Sold Exclusively on Amazon

    From smartphone cases to over-ear noise canceling headphones Altigo products are sold exclusively through Amazon which makes their pricing really really attractive. In this interview, we speak with Senior Product Manager Ann Barnes about what makes this new company different and where their heart is.

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    Super73 Exclusive with Co-Founder Michael Cannavo

    If you've pre-ordered the new Super73 Z you're going to want to listen to this interview! Co-founder Michael Cannavo joined Mitchell and Marc to talk all about the company's new HQ and an exclusive piece of news about the Super73 Z. Take a listen.

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